ICCF research in Epe community gave a high rate of child abuse, though not all are reported but this has resulted to teenage pregnancies and early child marriage.All families can benefit from strong support systems and resources in the face of these challenges, and as parents, friends, neighbours and fellow human beings, keeping our kids safe is among ICCF highest priorities.

November is ICCF Child Abuse Prevention Month, we recommit to giving every child a chance to succeed and to ensuring that every child grows up in a safe, stable, and nurturing environment that is free from abuse and neglect.

The ability and desire to form emotional relationships is related to the organization and functioning of specific parts of the human brain that develop during infancy and the first years of life. Experiences during this early vulnerable period affect a child’s core attachment capabilities. A child’s ability to feel empathy, be caring, inhibit aggression, love, and acquire other characteristics typical of a healthy, happy, and productive person are tied to the child’s care at the beginning of life.Child abuse is a national tragedy, taking the lives of three children every day and affecting millions of children and families every year. We need to work together to help strengthen and support families so that we can prevent such tragedies from occurring.

This parent’s forum, a sensitization program for parents on how to raise their children. Our efforts is to interact with parents to focus attention on prevention efforts that will create healthier environments for children, foster confident and positive parenting.The awareness program is to give human service to parents and care givers in Epe communities. The program began in collaboration with Onigbogbo LCDA in 2015 for the benefit of parents within their local district and this laudable program is moving round all the Local Governments and LCDA’s in Lagos State.

Lots of parents  unknowingly falls into parenting traps which interfere with raising respectful, responsible Children, which gave rise to child abuse and drug abuse.

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