This was a therapeutic summer camping, an enjoyable experience for our teenagers and young adults btw 15-25yrs of age for seven days.

They had workouts and develop social skills, learning the techniques of several sports, Physical activities, arts & craft, yoga was also  incorporated into their daily activities.

Many kids with disabilities are sedentary and don’t get to participate in sports or recreational activities like their peers, they therefore miss out on social and health benefits that exercise gives.

This is the first time they will all leave their parents. This is a way of building their Self Esteem and independence to forge ahead in life. This will also help them to reach their potential.

Date 12th to 19th September 2021
Venue: Teslim Balogun stadium hostel

The on-line application started from 26th August to 6th September.

12th Sunday September 2021, 12noon the camp was declared opened with submission of registration forms, checklist of camp items and counselling for parents on the aims and objectives of Life Skills Summer Camping.

The children were fixed to their various hostels and rooms. At 7pm they had dinner and interactive session, introduction and getting to know each other.
At 9pm the children had their personal hygiene, prayer and lights out.

13th-18th: The full camp activities started with approximately with 40 individuals with disabilities. Everyday we had Morning afternoon and evening sessions.

The day starts:

5.00am the children wakes up ,1hr workout at the mainbowl in Teslim Balogun stadium. All the children participated with great enthusiasm, it was great fun for them.

6.00am :the children had their bath.
7am – 8am breakfast
2pm -3pm:Lunch is served ,clearing and cleaning of the dinning hall.
4pm – 5pm:is a compulsory siester for everyone including the caregivers.
5pm – 6pm: in house interactive session on different social development topics.
6.30pm – 8.pm : Dinner, clearing and cleaning of dinning hall.
6.00pm: Dinner served .

The Week activities:

. 13th, Monday :Education therapeutic activities. Learning is fun.
. Evening session: interactive activities with the children and Iyaniwura on what to expect in the camp.Every child expressed his/her expectations and what to achieve in the camp.

.14th Sept, Tuesday: Morning & afternoon sessions. Advocacy visit to LASODA and Min.of Education in Alausa Secretariat.
. Evening activities: Dancing competition with a partner.

. 15th Sept, Wednesday:Swimming session at Lagos Country Club, Ikeja. It was an exciting outing for the children playing in the pool and no child was left behind.
. Evening activities: Interactive session on Gender Equality. Discussions,understandin gender in relations to what a boy and girl can do equally. The children were able to understand that boys and girls with intellectual disability can work together to build an inclusive society. Our watch word is Empowerment of the mind.

. 16th Sept, Thursday: Advocacy visit to Min. of Youth& Social Development (MYSD) on what social welfare benefits the Ministry has for youths with intellectual disability. It was an interactive discussions where my children asked questions on their social development in relations to inclusion on various welfare platforms organised by the ministry. We met with the Permanent Secretary and other Directors. We got favourable responses for all questions and also was asked to follow-up on some of our request for a final conclusion.
. Evening session: interactive session on Child Abuse and Prevention.

17th Sept, Friday : morning session, the children had free period. Relaxation period.
. Afternoon session was an in house activities on talent hunt parade.

. Evening session: Bonfire Night, night of fun, BBQ, dancing, ice- cream, popcorn and other activities.The was awesome night for my children seeing and involved in campfire.

.18th Sept, Saturday morning session workout took a new dimension. It was energetic but worthwhile, all the children had personal touch with the physiotherapist one on one physiotherapy.

Afternoon session: Football tournament with Lagos state football league,   6 by 6 on the field. Our boys won 6-4 goals and our girls tried by tying on 5-5 goals.

Evening session: Dinner night, a night to remember, the last night together as friends , brothers and sisters. The Dinner night was too emotional for me. We bought gifts for everyone to exchanged amongst themselves. The boys share gifts with a partner girl whom they like.
This is to teach them the spirit of giving, build better friendship, relationship and respect for each other.
This was a variety nite full of fun and activities. They expressed their feelings about the camp on what they have achieved and new experience.

It was tearful parting night.
The Dinner ended at 11pm, the children had their personal care and lightsout.

. Sunday 19th: The children woke refreshed, had their full breakfast and their Caregivers supported some of the children in packing their personal belongings accordingly.

The camp ended by 12noon with parents coming to pick their children.
2pm the camp was finally close.

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