#ChooseToChallenge #MySexualityMyRight.

2021 International women’s Day.

Theme: #ChooseToChallenge
ICCF Theme: #MySexualityMyRight.
ICCF Choose to CHALLENGE the sexuality right of Adults, Young Adults of people living with intellectual developmental disabilities.
Adults and Young Adults with intellectual & developmental disabilities have inherent sexual rights like all people.
These rights and needs must be affirmed, defend, and respected.
Lots of people have thought that people with IDD are asexual hence they lack access to appropriate sex education.
In view of this myth/fallacy, we educated our young adults, adults, and parents of people with intellectual disabilities on sexuality education.
This was how we rolled celebrating International Women’s Day.
We enlighten them on
*Body parts
*Body image
*Sexual abuse protection
*Social interaction
*Public &  Private environment.
It was an exciting and insightful session with the parents and people with intellectual disability they were able to understand their sexuality in relations to their self-awareness.

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