In commemoration of Iyaniwura Children Care Foundation’s 10years Anniversary, we opened a LIFE SKILLS CENTER for young adults with Intellectual, Development & Neurological Disability.

The center is accommodating 30 young adults age 18-30yrs for a period of one year in-house, mentoring them on various Social & Soft Entrepreneurship skills.

The center is absolutely free residential.

The center supports 15 Male & 15 Female young adults with intellectual disabilities with livelihood and other skills relevant to their social and personal development.

This is conceived as our continuous contribution in supporting persons with intellectual disability to become self-reliant, gain education, and ultimately contribute their quota to solving problems that negatively impact people with disability and change society’s perception of them.

Project objectives;
. To improve access to quality education and contribute to the enhancement of employment-oriented skills training for persons with intellectual disabilities.

.  To empower persons with intellectual disabilities to have access to employment and income-generating opportunities.

. To establish mentor-ship schemes for persons with intellectual disabilities to succeed towards their fullest capacity and achieve a feeling of personal satisfaction and fulfillment

Project Summary:
Life Skills Entrepreneurship for 30 young adults with an intellectual disability is an annual program.
Persons with disabilities makeup one-tenth of our population and can contribute in a significant way to the GDP of our country if their right to Decent Work (SDG 8) is promoted and protected.

At ICCF have pledged to ensure the rights and interest of young adults with  intellectual disability is protected, we also made commitments to support their inclusion in skills training and employment a key priority.This disability is the most neglected & vulnerable cluster of disabilities.

Having a decent job and life is a dream for people with disabilities, working is a basic need for everyone including people with disabilities. While unemployment is a challenge faced by many persons, the case is worse for people with disability who are hardly granted the opportunity to employment. This challenge necessitates the establishment of entrepreneurship skills as an alternative for people with disabilities.

The residents are out of school due to the fact they cannot cope with school academics and some are from low-income and disadvantaged parents recruited through thorough investigation targeted from Somolu, Ikorodu, Ikosi-Isheri, Alimosho, and Mushin LGA in Lagos state to start the program.

The participants are been accommodated for a period of the one-year in multi-dimensional training.
This training is carried out by skilled personnel including people with intellectual disabilities who will serve not only as role models but provide mentor-ship to beneficiaries.

The learning process of entrepreneurship is integrated with the education of life skills that emphasize practical activities, the learning methods include communication with direct instruction, talking, writing, demonstration, guiding through a video presentation, and prompting.

The results of entrepreneurial skills are products that are ready and easily marketed in the form of handicrafts and services.

The goal will contribute to poverty reduction through human resources development. This project is a means of helping society to adjust to persons with disability whom they conceive as obstacles to the environment;

. To enhance their social interactions

. To  foster their inclusion.

. To enhance their self-esteem in society and they will serve as role models to other persons with disabilities.

. Inspire them to engage in activities that will support their acceptance and earn respect in their various communities.

Activities in the center include the following:
·  Stoning and Embellishments designing
· Computer/Graphics Designing
· Shoe-making & designing Skills

· Wig making and Revamping

· Book reading
. Enhancing self-esteem and self-worth.
· Speech Therapy Session

· Occupational Therapy Sessions & Hygiene ·

. Sporting Activities ·

. Recreational activities ·

. Etiquette & Communication Skills

· Time Management Skills
. Safety Skills
· Basic Science
· Money Skills
.  Art Craft
· Simple Mathematics

· Simple English & Hand Writing
· Tourism

· Self-Expression Skills

· Community Services

. Knowledge on Sexuality

. Knowledge on Gender Base Violence (GBV)

The center will strengthen job readiness for 30 persons with intellectual disabilities annually,  this will be an advantage to the economic and social prospects of these individuals, their families, and society at large.

Please support the center, let this project be part of your humanitarian investment in human development for 2022.

In return for your generosity, you/your brand will feature on our web page and if anonymous we will respect your wish.

Thank you , we look forward to hearing from you.


If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact our project coordinator

Iyaniwura Children Care Foundation FCMB 3083171019


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