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The theme for this year’s Children’s Day Celebration is A New Experience.

At ICCF, our education programs adapt different strategies and initiatives towards SPORT SKILLS ACQUISITION by mobilizing school children between the ages of 6 to 12 years to participate.This is to complement the children’s schools’ physical education effort.

We have two of such initiatives: Sport Mentoring and Art Sport Competition.


Sport Mentoring

We intend to have approximately 200 school children within the ages of 6 and 12 years in participation. These children would be selected from primary schools within the twenty Local governments in Lagos state.These children would be mentored by the coaches with the support of ICCF. The children will also have opportunity of having an interactive session with prominent sport personalities to enlighten them on their sport of interest.

These children would be trained by different coaches in various games of their interest.This is to ensure that the life chances of the disadvantaged children are enhanced through sports. As we know, Children need quality nurturing as this has a major impact on how well they develop and fulfill their potentials.

It has been observed that through early sport sampling, training and deliberate play, children have the opportunity to learn emotional,cognitive and motor skills in several contexts that will be important in their participation or investment in sports.

The children will be kitted in colorful T-shirts, white knickers and white socks.

The games of interest are as follows:

  • Volley ball
  • Basket ball
  • Table Tenins
  • Lawn Tenins
  • Badminton
  • Gymnastics
  • Board games: Chess, Scrabble .

The talented children in various games will be mentored further to local and international children’s tournaments.


Art Sport Competition

The second phase is an independent art sport creation competition.

Students are to create art on the theme, MY FAVOURITE SPORT. They can select any sport to picture themselves as “artist-athletes.” The sport can be a local, traditional or an Olympic sport, or one that they imagine.

Each student will be required to write a short essay on his or her work, describing their feelings and creative objective, and comparing their work in relation to those of their peers. This paper will be clipped to the artwork.

The total sum of N1,700,000 (One Million Seven Hundred Thousand naira ) is the budget for this project and the kick off is tentatively scheduled as follows:


Date:            9th June,2016.

Venue:          Teslim Balogun Stadium, Surulere,Lagos State.

Time:           10am – 4pm


In order to be successful in these goals, ICCF seeks financial support and sponsorship from Individuals and Businesses to cover such costs as coaching, jersey kits, equipment, feeding, and travel to tournaments. Our member fees unfortunately cannot all cover these costs entirely, so we are pursuing sponsorships to help subsidize these expenses.

Please let the ”NEW EXPERIENCE” be part of your corporate social responsibility for 2016. Children who participate in sports are less likely to get involved in drugs, drop out of school, get pregnant or get in trouble with the law.

In return for your generosity, your brand will figure on our web-page

banners at all games, playing equipment, uniforms, event fliers, emails, distributing promotional materials during events and brochure.

Please find below our sponsorship packages and the benefits sponsors will enjoy for their support of the event.



Cheques should be made out to ICCF


FCMB  A/C 3083171019

Motorway ,Ikeja

An invoice is available upon request.







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