December  12th 2021, the Cultural Culinary Ability Parade & Award is a cultural food parade competition for 30 adult participants with intellectual and developmental disability from10 communities in Lagos state to give them the full autonomy of their right as adults to make choice of their meal, preparation, and consumption. They should be able to live life as similar as possible to people without disability.

The food consumption patterns of adults with intellectual disabilities, and the control over their food consumption is being exercised by others, who define them as ‘children’ even though some are physically and chronologically adults.
These food-based behaviors contribute to the difficulties they face in achieving full social adulthood and thereby accentuate stigmatizing aspects of their social identities.

The cooking training started in August, based on prompting by their caregivers with 95%  of the cooking done by the participants.

The competition started 12noon – 2pm

The competition was sponsored by BET9JA for adults with intellectual and developmental disability.


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