SMILE OF HOPE 2015      

It is our pleasure that we are organizing a Christmas party in which various gifts will be distributed among the orphans and disadvantaged children within AGBOYI COMMUNITIES in Ketu area of Lagos State. Agboyi, a tiny island, consisting of three communities delineated by numbers as Agboyi 1, 2 and 3, at the extreme end of Ketu area of Lagos.

IYANIWURA CHILDREN CARE FOUNDATION (ICCF)  invites you to sponsor our last quarter project for 2015, “  SMILE OF HOPE” to benefit the children  within Agboyi communities.

It is the best way to celebrate Christmas with the orphans and disadvantaged children who are always ignored for the love and support they deserve. This party will bring some delightful moments in their lives, and they can spend Christmas season with some people who care for them. This is chance for everyone to serve for the mankind.

The primary source of funding for “ SMILE OF HOPE” is from individual sponsors like you, “ SMILE OF HOPE” receives no governmental funds. As you may be aware,ICCF is an outreach  foundation that has been touching lives of children since it was established.The funds provided by this event will be used to provide feeding, school bags,educational stationery and activities for the children who are living within this community.It will help them to learn that it does not have to hurt to be a child and that there are people in the community who care about them and want them to know that they matter

  • Date for the event : 27th  December 2015
  • Time : 12 noon —- 5pm
  • Venue      : Agboyi  2

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