Valentine’s Day is right around the corner. A chance to go on a special date with your partner, or just stay in and hang out together.

Does this annual celebration of romantic love apply to people with intellectual, developmental and neurological disability?


People with intellectual disabilities have been singled out for being ‘nonsexual’ for so long, that the idea of their sexuality is still a shock to society.”

At ICCF we will continue to enable people with intellectual developmental and neurological disability to enjoy a social life and to create relationships.
This paves the way for romantic relationships, if that is what the person wants.
“Social intercourse before sexual intercourse” – that makes a lot of sense.

It is our job not to be a friend, but to facilitate friendships.

It was indeed a wonderful time for me with some of my Adults in the house

It was an eye opener and sensational for me and the participants, learning about their Sexuality.

We talked on topics on:
Body parts
Body image
Private/ public space
Social Behavior.
Also Married couples with intellectual developmental and neurological disability couples shared their experience on their love life.

It was an interactive session and the young adults participated 100% .

I want to entreat all parents please let us continue the discussion about sex education and sexuality with our adults/ children with disability at home.

It should be a continuous discussion so they understand better.

If you feel uncomfortable or cause for concern on any issue about SEXUALITY with your child ,pls private chat me and let us discuss further.
I want to assure you all our discussions is confidential.

Stigmatization is becoming out of fashion in our society…. Mrs Otitoloju

I choose to stop stigmatization………Mrs Toyin Adejobi

I stop to exhibit stigmatisation, but to love and cherish the physically challenged… Mrs Lanre Balogun Davies

Love this *I Choose to STOP STIGMATIZATION*. Like getting each member of the community (traditional rulers, clerics, public figures and celebrities, business owners, civil servants…) to pledge allegiance to stop Stigmatization in their Community…. Mrs Sanni

I choose to stop stigmatization…. Mrs Adejoke

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